What are your favorite One on Twoism songs?


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My list:

* Kyriakos Ioannou - Mini-Mall
* Flamingo Pudding - Thee en Onweer
* Polar Sky - Antaku-3
* Saturday Index - Nouns and Verbs
* Kashmir Boots - Wernicke-Korsakoff
* Mute Branches - Hometown Antarctica
* AO! - Supine Position
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Hiflier - Warm Waves is by far my favorite.
Red -
Orange - Aquarius
Yellow - Alpha and Omega
Green -
Blue -
Purple - Music is Math

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I'd have to give the older entries a couple fresh listens again (probably the Boreal Network track/s would all be top picks of mine), but I can say that Nine (ДЕВЯТЬ) by Scyye and Antaku-3 by Polar Sky off OOT VI are probably in my top ten forever at this point. for fog machine.

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Trills - Child's Play
Saturday Index - Sunlight Puzzle
Trills - Mistaken Shadows
Sinkfield - Rescued from the Fire
Hills West - Daffodil
199Free - Slumberfuck
Volume 3 Intro
SoulSonic - Music for Free
Majka is Board - A Smooth Atom
underwater - The Big Mill
Illuminant - Earthrise
Skywave - Lizuna
Get-Effect - Komari
eyesix ^ Shane Anthony - Drifting
Scyye - Девять
Bearhead - Keep You Here

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Entry level, I guess:

Nouns and Verbs.
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am I late?

Polar Sky - Antaku-3
Get-Effect - Ardenne
Boreal Network - Park Avenue
TTK - Quagar
Sweguno - Swallow Illusions Whole
The Other - Marble Falls
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