Snap General Election 8th June 2017

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9th June 2017 Tory Election Fraud Findings, no coincidence!

Those bastard Tories!

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Election '17 *SPOILERS*:
Spoiler: show
    Dominant right-wing press full-on crucify Corbyn in the run-up to ensure Labour suffers.
    Scotland again votes for the SNP by a majority.
    The Tories - with an extra hand from the FPTP voting system - get another majority as a result, and stay in power.

In summary: no change - making the entire process a pointless waste of time.

The only gainers will be the Tories, and the papers who get to subsequently get to fill their pages declaring that the result vindicates a 'hard Brexit', before pouring over Labour's inevitable search for a new leader (and a continued search for its soul) all handily diverting attention from such things as the aforementioned Tory election fraud.

I personally dislike times like these - media focuses so relentlessly on the campaigns that it seems to make the whole thing drag on for far too long. A colleague of mine in Scotland said he sort of dreads another independence ref for the same reasons, much as with the EU ref. A tedious period with sides arguing points in exchanges which leave people none the wiser, negative campaigning and sometimes bitter divisions, excessive coverage, over-analysis... And then after it's all done, depending on the result and aftermath, it can end up being all for nothing.

And there's the timing. God forbid an election being called as - gasp! - a sheer pure act of democracy, just to give people a voice... Plainly that's way down the list of reasons in this case. The PM's decisions is more political game-playing and self-interest. So all considered, I'd rather it wasn't being called in this way.

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Spot on - for me there's two reasons for the election - May being a vacuous egomaniac, she desperately wants the validation of an election win and then there's the matter of 30 Tory MPs facing expenses fraud charges.

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It isn't strategically wise for the Tories to send me a letter telling me that my, already lowest possible rate, benefits have been permanently ceased just as they announce that an election is looming.

Not that they would ever have my vote anyway.

Don't trust the opinion polls. They constantly quote the '20 points ahead' line in the mainstream media, not noting that a poll taken within 48hrs of that one showed they where only 9 points ahead. They are never accurate.

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