recording of byron wallen's gamelan take on MHTRTC?

Everything related to our favorite Scottish duo.

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After a quick search, I do see that this performance has been discussed on here. What I don't see and would love to obtain is a decent recording of the performance. I love BOC and I love gamelan so I'm pretty hype to hear this.


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Happy first post and welcome to Twoism (-:

I am pretty big on gamelan music generally so when I first heard of this I was rather excited, thinking that it was inevitable that a recording would show up at some point. Alas, here we are and I have yet to find a recording of it.

It would be good to pool resources, though, so I will keep you updated on my progress if I manage to find anything. Maybe another Twoismer has an idea as to where to find it.

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Only seen the preview he posted on twitter ... 5253150720

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