Old cassette find BBC Radio 3 Mixing It 8 June 1998

Everything related to our favorite Scottish duo.

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I'm currently going through a box of old cassettes to figure out what I should chuck, digitise, keep, etc.

One of the cassettes has a recording I made of an episode of the BBC Radio 3 show Mixing It from 8th June 1998, where they play An Eagle In Your Mind for the first time. After a bit of digging I found the listing for the programme at https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/e7b216b9fc4 ... 0ad2c8cd4b, though it doesn't have any kind of playlist. I know it's that programme due to the interview with Don Byron.

I've digitised the episode and put it in a Google Drive folder if you want a listen. There's also a file with just the BoC bit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

The two presenters say some interesting things about BoC before the track plays (e.g. three members) and then give a little review of it afterwards.

Sorry for the rubbish quality but I think my radio was playing up that night. Lots of interference. If I'd known I would've fixed the aerial!

On a personal note, this was the first time I'd heard BoC and it sent me down the path of no return. ;) An Eagle In Your Mind is still my favourite track (well, after New Seeds).


P.S. Just noticed it's been 26 years and a day since that programme was broadcast. Crikey!

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Hello Alan.

Thank you very much for the rip and share! Only found out about Mixing It last year. Discovered some great artist through that show. An eagle in your mind is also one of my favorite tracks. <:D

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Thanks so much for posting this - brings back so memories of the 90s. Long hot summers in my attic bedroom listening to CDs and radio (I may well have heard this show at the time), and the smell of cassette tape.

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Thanks for posting this! I can't imagine hearing that track for the first time as your intro to BoC, it's such an eerie and magnificent track! Especially the way in which the tune slowly transforms throughout.

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This is gorgeous, excellent find!! Tearing up a tad...

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