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Yet another early 90s Sesame Street sample. This one's from episode 3174 "Wanda the word fairy visits Sesame Street".

I was sitting on the can when I heard a very familiar jingle and laugh come from the next room where my kids were watching this. Thankfully it was streaming on HBO Now so I could rewind and hear it again. The laugh is entirely disconnected from anyone in the scene, and certainly isnt coming from the Word Fairy herself, so maybe there are other Sesame Street episodes that have this same laugh? I managed to find it on Youtube, thankfully, so I dont have to figure out how to upload it myself.

It's at the very end of "Scene 2".

Check out the whole ep if you have HBO yourself, or have some other way of viewing it, who knows what else lurks in there. Good luck and good hunting.

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Great catch! Always thought that came from a cartoon or something what with the happy little music.

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what a hilarious way to find it too! thanks for sharing my friend!

most of their outsourced samples are probably from sesame street. or other children related themes

i wouldn't be surprised if telephasic workshop is cut up sesame street vocals

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Nice find :D

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Great find. Added to bocpages!

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That's awesome. I love that sample.
Only children know what they are looking for.

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I have a very strange feeling someone from one of the BoC fan circles stumbled on this before a while back. Might just be deja vu.

Regardless, it's a great find and I'm grateful you posted this. We've had some really nice sample origin discoveries lately. :)

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