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Ok, so overnight we had someone sign up and post personal information about the band's businesses, including family details. This isn't the first time this has happened and frankly it's totally out of order.

Yes, the information is publically available, as it must be legally. This does NOT mean they want it posting across this or other forums for, frankly, potential stalkers to abuse. At best it's creepy, at worst potentially dangerous to their family.

Consider this fair warning, we will take a dim view of future posts of this nature. Please don't repeat this going forwards.

On a positive note, it was good to read the generally negative comments in reply. We agree. Thanks too to those who flagged it for us. Apologies to the band and MDG that we didn't spot it sooner. We're usually shit hot at pulling this rubbish and we'll be watching like a hawk in case it happens again.

Please all remember to flag this bollocks if it resurfaces. Twoism is a place to discuss BOC as artists, not their personal lives or businesses.

Thanks. We love you all.

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