Original Pitch and Recording Dates of A Few Old Tunes

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These are all the tracks from A Few Old Tunes where I'm 100% sure of the source of their master tapes (Cassette Tape / DAT).
I used references like the Invocation video, Boc Maxima, the Nissan commercial and known samples used on some tracks.

All of the cassette tracks are at the wrong speed (2% faster), while the DAT tracks are at the right speed.

My only theory is that the brothers had their cassette deck at the wrong speed while recording the tapes for AFOT, and they fixed the speed back to normal on OTV2 and Boc Maxima, explaining why all of these tracks specifically are 2% slower on multiple sources.

With this I can also assume that if R35TT was an official compilation, it was recorded after AFOT.
If it wasn't official, then it doesn't say anything about the date. Someone else could have recorded it with another deck at the right speed, even at an earlier time.

You can also deduce how old are some of the tracks, but I don't know the specific year where they started using DATs, so don't take the dates I put here seriously.

I will keep editing this post if I ever find more references and samples to compare them to.

Cassette Tracks (1991 - 1993)
Side A
- Spectrum
- P.C
- Rodox Video
- Skimming Stones
- Carcan
- Davie Addison
Side B
- I Will Get It Tattooed
- I Love U
- M9
- Original Nlogax
- 5.9.78
- Nova Scotia Robots

DAT Tracks (1993 - 1995)
Side A
- Finity
- House Of Abin'adab
- Devil
Side B
- The Way You Show

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