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Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

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Anyone fans of Kevin Parker? This new one that just released today has some interesting similarties to The Campfire Headphase in that it's the first time he employs outro songs that are entirely unique to the original track (see Breathe Deeper). Love this guys music. Puts me in the same mood that BOC does.

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Bought this album yesterday and about to have my first listen! Loved his previous albums, both Lonerism and Currents are almost perfect albums. Seeing him live in April for the first time, can't wait :)

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I'm confused at a bunch of the mixed reception this album's getting outside of the IDM forums... definitely more consistent for me compared to Currents, every track in here is great, though Currents had songs that are definitely some of Kevin's greatest ever. (*Cough Let it Happen*). Tomorrow's Dust and Borderline are my favorite tracks though.
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I thought that the songwriting was uninspired on this record, for the most part. And although the retro feel of the production and arrangements was pretty cool, I was hoping for something more psychedelic/experimental.

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I feel alone in my feeling that Tame Impala has become soooooo boring. I liked a good chunk of Innerspeaker and Lonerism, and I like Let it Happen from Currents, but that last album and The Slow Rush just doesn't have anything that I find interesting. Just now I'm about to sell my Lonerism vinyl (this is actually because it sounds awful and so I never listen to it). Personally, it feels Tame Impala popularity is reversally proportional to the quality of their music. Maybe my feelings are a reaction to the overexposure Kevin gets right now, I don't know, just gaah I just wish I could stop reading about them every place I go.
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I feel the same way. I loved the first two albums the last one I played once and promptly forgot it. I’ll give this a listen though.

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