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Sooooooo how's everyone doing?
Erik Kowalski is releasing an insanely long album. 80 tracks to be exact via his bandcamp page on October 21. The actual albums themselves in physicality are sold out unfortunately.
You can listen to five of the tracks on the page as well. Here is the link. ... n-geometry
So what do you think? Personally I've always adored his music and some of it even rivals that of BOC - though not in aesthetic. Just the way it provokes nostalgia and dreamy gazes into my life. :)
What are some of your favorite tracks or albums? Do you like the preview tracks? Which are your favorites?
By the way I'm that dude Ctrl All Del that did that Remix album of the campfire headphase a couple years back. Check out my bandcamp as well if you want. I just released a new album is the link for that if you're intrigued.

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