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Hello everyone. It's Elexen from Indifferent Spaces. I hope you all are well :) I made a new album under a different name if anyone wants to check it out. It's free as usual. Each Indifferent Spaces album has it's own vibe and I could have easily put this out as a new IS album but I wanted to start something a bit different and keep this type of vibe for future albums with this type of feel. So.... Here is the link and the description: Thank you for your time :)

Disasterland - 'Iboga Sweep' https://xdisasterlandx.bandcamp.com


Regarding quality: This album was recorded with extremely lo-fi, slow and low frequencies. It was designed in hi-fi headphones and should be listened to in such or through hi-fi speakers. This recording was given the deepest, lowest-fi and most worn out ambiance possible; riding a fine line between deliberate and unwanted distortion. Therefor, when listened to through average speakers, in cheap headphones, in most cars, and through the bulk of portable speakers, the sounds will emit an extra unwelcome distortion, produce raucous vibrations and could possibly ruin speakers at high volumes. The album was mastered to the highest standard with which was capable while still maintaining the artist's intended vision.

Regarding substance: The producer of this album has attempted to recreate a soundtrack to his Ibogaine experience which opened up his dark subconscious and exposed him to his own internal world of decaying eternity. He has aptly titled his world: Disasterland. 'Iboga Sweep' was recorded in 3 days after a trip to Mexico where he ingested the heavy medicine. The songs were created with 2 samplers, effects boxes and guitar amplifiers. All samples and sounds may or may not be recognizable; precisely as it was in the experience; a haze between the always and the never. All of the song titles were taken from a notebook in which the author filled with his thoughts and visions during the experience. This album was created as personal therapy for the artist only and may or may not entertain others.

Released October 5, 2016
all albums [IS1-IS12] available here:

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