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So a lot of you by now heard about the Noise ARCH Archive.

For those who don't know its an archive of old experimental music cassettes from the 80's and 90's

" The 30GB collection was saved from the archives of and donated by former CKLN-FM radio host Myke Dyer in August 2009. Due to its size and obscurity, the collection hasn’t been properly notated but is said to include cassettes ranging from tape experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indie, rock, DIY, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials“ "


So after visiting the first time it became apparent and very clear that it was a huge pile of avant garde hipster sounding bullcrap from the underground.

from 1 hours of just white noises and baby screams to just random electronic gibberish these tapes have the potential to drive you insane.

The best comparison I have is the movie "Split" (1989)

But I didn't let that turn me down, I knew in there would be hiding some really nice stuff ...
And so began my adventure!! :mrgreen:

I started at the top (most popular/watched) of the archive, this is where I found half of the good content I used in my compil, a lot of stuff was okay, and actually pretty good compared to the crap that was in there, but since im picky a lot of stuff never made the cut they just weren't my style or didn't fit too much.

After a few hours of listening I realised that even a sense of rythm in any sound was scarce, a lot of these tapes have just people talking in them too.

The other half of my content was found at the bottom (less viewed/popular) of the archive

About 8 hours (not even exagerating) in my research I had developped some skill to sense bullshit, I could skip tunes and even entire tapes just by looking at the audio spectrum provided, or just listening to the few seconds, heck maybe I missed a good tune in there, if you have the balls go check out the archive. 8)

One of the observation I made was that all of the tape covers looked badass and pretty and the most beautiful ones had the shittiest music, and the ugly ones didn't have what we could call music.

Some artists made several appearance in the archive, one infamous to me was IOS (Illusion of Safety) if you stumble upon any of their tapes just skip them. :roll:

But among those tapes a few tunes where stellar, pure bliss, gold! They had a sense of rythm, beautiful sounds, harmony and emotions, Some of them where fucked, no high frequencies, incredibly screwed stereo or just aweful voice leveling.

So I did my best and remastered them with the best of my skills (Didn't removed the tape noises as I strongly believe they create a lot of immersion when listening to the tunes)

From catchy rock to nice flutes and synths I present to you, THE COMPILATION:!7J8AXRSS!ubz4C2ucWNKC ... suUwUaF6YU

Here are some notes about the tunes:

The first one is my favorite and is also the first good one I stumbled upon, I never knew Violins would sound so great with synths, that tune and about 30% of the compil was made by the handle "DRIVEL"

One tune in there has somebody saying "Jesus H Christ on a popcycle stick" over and over in the left channel while the right channel as some woman moans and some girls talking at the end. this style is a striking resemblance to Boards of Canada's "Apparatus" in A Few Old Tune and the women speaking at the end also makes me think of Light Clear Hair. Not saying its by BoC, just saying its pretty similar on some point :P

The 3th to last tune was so screwed up, I did my best to remaster it :oops:

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