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Datassette has set up a new label called Misc. Works and this is the first release. It is a brilliant, engaging ambient style album.

Here is a bit of info...
In each of Cacophonies’ cacophonies, every track from an unspecified (albeit hinted-at) classic album is played simultaneously, each unit patiently processed to fit with the rest, in turn creating an all-new – generally abstract, at times abject, occasionally euphoric – sonic landscape, one lacking the ‘face’, but bearing the traces, of the source in question.

This is the track list:
01 S____ A__ A__ H__ G____ S___ B___ - V__ 4
02 D____________ - G______________
03 J__ D_______ - C_____
04 R_____ H_____ - C______ O__
05 P___ F____ - T__ D___ S___ O_ T__ M___
06 F___ - I___
07 F________ M__ - R______
08 M____ D____ - M_________
09 Cacophony 9

So far I have figured out track 3 (Joy Division - Closer), track 5 (Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon), track 7 (Fleetwood Mac - Rumours).

Anybody think they can figure out the rest of them? I am stumped!

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