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No One Makes Jello Like Hospitals Do

Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:01 pm

The brand New Carfax Twoisuns album Coming Soon.

And if you want that sandwich all you gotta do is run.

By the way, did you know there's a chance it might be there when you go to try and find it.

Maybe she won't make you want to go if the weather says there's no chance of rain.

Bob said it's the grand choice of food at the corner of jeff and buckley. (New York City Centerstage)

Where'd you put the raincoat on?

You can't just seem to know, be there!

I cooudn't get a ride to see if the dogs were all under happiness.

How was that soup you tried to pocket after bonnies got here fair share of groceries under the shutdown?

Just hope the wish comes true and you might be able to tell if your dad wants to park under the trees in the shade of my sunshine.

I tried to let you know how to get to the yarn and craft sale of the winter solstice.

Babies do like it when you cool the coo of the entertaining splash of my coziness.

Wait, wait White Lion.

Pat, pat who was that?

Safari motel, you go and you go and when you get there we'll be here and it will all be gone for the rest to try to get some.
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