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Hi. I used to post here quite often but took a break because I felt very disillusioned from BoC and the threads happening at the time. I would make music under the moniker 'Make Tape Sounds' and still do, but I haven't released anything under that in two years. You can find it on my bandcamp if you're interested.

I've been in a band called OroborO the past six years, (yes there is a very obvious BoC influence in our music) and have been touring and playing shows constantly for the past four years (four shows a week, plus three practices a week). It is actually VERY taxing to be in a band basically full-time and is a huge part that contributes to my absentia. I spend almost all of my waking life booking tours, doing promotion, sending out emails, setting stuff up with recording studios, venues, bands, etc. and I'm fricken broke! Basically I'm here to showcase that and also find out where people in this thread stand nowadays, like, who likes what, what kind of content is engaging, etc. and also, anyone that can relate and contribute stories or anecdotes to this process, that is so invaluable to me and probably everyone else who occupies this forum as well.

Also if you're curious, here are links to our music:
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