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Anvil Stereo - Ear Novelist (NEW EP)

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Tyler dropped a kick ass EP on Danny Playamaqui's x4 Records label today.
Wonderful ethereal synths, mono-squares and poly-pads, plenty of field recordings, tape warble galore, processed breaks and beats - all tunes segue into each other, loose and flowing yet tightly packed at the same time.

Go take a listen!

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That was a really enjoyable experience!!

My favs are "Orbital Path of a Sky Lobster" and "Foymount 523"

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It's completely lush. Get on it immediately.

Slow down...

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I wrote out a nice long reply to this thread earlier. I was interrupted and had to take care of something. When I got back to it to finish it up and post it, I had timed out and lost the whole post. :( lol. And of course, I don't recall what I wrote...

Anyways, I worked very hard on this release. Tons of experimenting, studying, and brainstorming. It's only 25 minutes long and it took a looong time to get everything how I wanted. I no longer have the ability to feel impatient at all with BoC. Hahaha.

Thank you Mexi, TheStatPow and playbyletters (bonus points for making this thread). :D

A few things I want to make note of here. I had help from friends that I want to acknowledge. Kyla wrote the arpeggio at the end of Chaetidontidae. Cosmic Manta (with his wonderful Korg MS20) did the lead and pad synths at the end of Foymount 523 and the background synths in The Woodman's Lullaby. Cosmic Manta also wrote the original version of It's Sky. A HUGE thank you to both of them. My good friend Dzesika Devic took the photo used for the album art. I simply cropped it, mirrored it and added the band name and title.

The rest was my own synth work, guitar playing, field recordings of family and friends, etc.

Lots of hidden stuff in there. Lots of meaning and background behind the song titles and the songs themselves, involving my experiences living here in the beautiful Ontario, Canada.

Many songs did not make the cut as there needed to be exactly 11 songs. I'll put them up at some point.

I hope you all enjoy the listen. :D


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