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Tegan Northwood

PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:32 am
by Goiter Sanchez
Tegan Northwood is an Australian singer/songwriter/producer. I first heard her track 'Close' on Pandora a few years back and was impressed:

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I proceeded to find and purchase the album it came from, 'Self-Raising Flower', a striking mixture of shoegaze, dreampop, ambient and IDMesque elements: ... ing-flower

She released another LP in 2008 called 'Last Days of Home' ... ys-of-home

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... And now, today Tegan's released a new EP of tracks called 'Wherever You Are'. Some of you may dig this, highly recommended for fans of Cocteau Twins, Lush, Washed Out, Seefeel, etc:

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Link to new EP: