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I don't know if this has been posted yet, but Osamu Sato (known chiefly as the man behing LSD: Dream Emulator and Eastern Mind) released new albums last year after an almost 20 year silence. As he is a somewhat under-the-radar artist who lives in Japan, the news has been very subdued in the English-speaking part of the internet.

However, as Sato was the first IDM artist I ever heard, this has been pretty major news for me. One of his releases was a remastered version of LSD and Remixes, which sounds way better than the original release we've had since 1998 (and includes new music videos). It also contains one of my favorite μ-Ziq tracks.
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Actually, the first thing I ever posted on my Soundcloud page was a remix of Funky Solution. At the time, I still believed the rumors that he had died.

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