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Hi, hope this thread is OK, mods please let me know if not, but I want to point the musicians here at a new plugin, not long released and currently flying a bit under the radar.

It's called Boost, by UrsaDSP, it's a Maximiser/Limiter and it's currently on a (deeply discounted) launch sale at DeviousMachines (there's also a 14 day free trial). Here's the launch video:
and website:

Full disclaimer: This was made by a very talented friend of mine but I have no financial ties, and I'm making this thread on my own back because I know we have a lot of people making music here and we don't have a VST thread for some reason. So this isn't a push, I've just been using it and loving what it does, I wouldn't be posting about it if I didn't.

So being what it is, this is something I might otherwise have missed, my tastes in effect VSTs tend to be toward the "how can I fuck this sound up some more" vein, I had a maximiser that worked ehh, OK for what I was doing. But I've been dropping this on more and more old projects and it's just night and day better, it's particularly good on drum buses as a number of people have already found but even on a full mix it just finds hidden layers and pulls them up in a way that I've not seen anything else do.

One of my side projects I'll get round to releasing one day is a go at a gothy, Delerium-by-way-of-MBV wall-of-grief thing, and part of the reason it's still not finished is because of the trouble I was having mixing it - I've just found a backup of that stuff that I didn't realise I'd made when I lost my working drive and I think this might have just saved it. I've been working on that today and it's crazy (to me) how well it lets me keep things incredibly dense but not sludgy, you know?

Anyway, assuming this thread stays up I'd really be interested to see what anyone here thinks of it, especially on electronic stuff.

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