Aniso Tropics - Topaz EP (Paper Recordings)

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Hey folks, hope you're all doing well. Long time no speak! Can't believe how long its been since I was releasing stuff under 'Brand New Retro' for One On Twoism etc. Such a youngling back then.

Just popping in to announce I released a new EP on long-time Manchester heavyweights Paper Recordings last week. Here's a teaser vid:

And description:

"It's time to strap on your deep house diving equipment and prepare to go subterranean on this debut from Aniso Tropics. His Topaz E.P. takes us on a tripped out murky journey into the outer realms of house music.

Title track Topaz bleeps and pops in all the right places and wears the minimal (crikey, remember that era?) tag firmly on its sleeve but still driving a jacking acid groove.

Mela is an uplifting hypnotic synth landscape of pulsating chords, squelchy arps and snappy percussion that is perfect for 5am as dawn breaks. If you've ever been to Barbarellas in Croatia then this one ticks all those boxes.

Ferric Bias starts off like a soundtrack from a lost ZX Spectrum game with its 'Popcorn' style percussive melody line before some drenched, soaring synth sweeps to ramp up the epic-ness. Oh and there's a vocoder vocal too for added excellence.

Closing off the voyage is Lonsdale Grove, a cinematic soiree from the first beat. It is almost space jazz in its synth lines and scattered drums, making it the perfect soundtrack to an after-party in the captain's quarters aboard the Starship Enterprise."

1. Topaz 04:30
2. Mela 04:39
3. Ferric Bias 04:58
4. Lonsdale Grove 04:37

Can be grabbed via Bandcamp: Any support always super appreciated, also available via Spotify.

Take care dudes!
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