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These tracks were made in the second half of 2021 and they're all connected to the idea of friendship in one way or another. You may be pleased to know that the remix by LayQuiet came about because we struck up an online friendship after meeting here on twoism.

Genre terms are a bit of a blind spot for me, but it's electronic music made using a lot of self-sampling, analogue processing and re-sampling, with hip-hop sort of beats on some of the tracks, a hopefully entertaining speech on track 1 and a bit of singing on track 3. If you've heard my stuff before, I'd say these tracks are more hi-fi.

This is the 5th release on Pumpquat Industries, a netlabel/collective I'm part of (and you may notice that it's the fourth consecutive DJ James Naughty release... but we'll have some more variety in 2022 I swear). Please check out our Bandcamp page (https://pumpquat-industries.bandcamp.com) if you're curious, where there are links to two brilliant pre-Pumpquat guitar albums by Owen Sennitt, as well as the five releases in the official catalogue.


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