The Mysterious Cities Of Gold

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I'm sure that many of you know this quite brilliant cartoon series. I'd rush home from School to sit glued to the T.V in the mid 1980s to join the children in their adventure. There were 39 episodes In total. But looking back, those days seemed to go on forever. I'm unsure how long it took to broadcast the entire show. A year, two? I've no concept of it. What I do recall is wondering if this city of gold even existed, yet alone if the children would ever reach it.

Their journey went on and on and they had setback after setback. But then the children finally made it. The series touches on a lot of mythologies about ancient, but technologically advanced civilisations. Both Atlanta and Mesoamerica. Cities that collapsed and were eventually buried or washed away after great wars with one another.

I personally believe that these stories either happened here on Earth or elsewhere in the Galaxy somewhere. Or that 'the visitors' left these myths within our culture as a warning to something they experienced.

What if we are not a species that developed on it's own, alone on this rock? What if we were brought here? What if they return every now and again to check up on us? Or guide us on a better path? As space dwelling explorers, their absence and our experience of eons could be mere moments for them. That sort of mind evolutionary jump may be something us humans must do one day. At the moment our species is still in it's infancy. It's not about whether or not we can change our minds, but do we have the capability to change them fast enough? We have what is a brief moment. Not just as individuals but as a collective. A small opening in time to attempt to a planetary birthing process.

Gold. Just an element this universe has spat out. But our toy to play with. The children set out with desires of greed and want. Driven by the ecstasy of golden visions and riches. But the battles they fought along the way gave way to something entirely different and unexpected. Friendship, family, experiences and stories. These are the things that hold value and this should NEVER EVER be forgotten.

The music from the beautiful moment when the children take flight within the golden condor, powered by the sun.

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