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I debated posting this in the Boards of Canada subforum, but ultimately, it's probably more relevant here.

Any fans of Louis Cole lurking on Twoism?

I was casually watching this interview with him and immediately got caught off-guard as he namedropped Random 35 Track Tape and the Old Tunes comps as his favourite records. I don't think I've ever heard an established artist refer to these compilations in any capacity before, let alone in high regard as this, and I found his explanation for liking them to be super relatable. Unreleased BoC is best BoC and nothing else scratches that itch!

phpBB [media]

(conversation starts around 7:15)

For those unfamiliar, Louis Cole is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter type who, in particular, happens to be an exceptionally talented drummer. His latest album 'Quality Over Opinion' was potentially my favourite record of 2022.

I've included some clips below that capture the essence of Louis Cole. His music is very different to Boards for the most part, but sometimes he will wander into territories that aren't too distant from the Hexagon Sun.

phpBB [media]

phpBB [media]

phpBB [media]

phpBB [media]

(2:45 onwards is essentially BoC-Funk 8) )

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