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https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/719553.html -- first time discussed (there's a reddit as well just haven't checked it out yet)

I found this two weeks ago in another video full of songs/pieces that had yet to be discovered. All of them had been found except for this one. I've been glued to it since.

So far all everyone's got:
- File came off of a DVD rip--person who ripped it said they 'lost' the DVD ( :| ), however claimed that no other audio files on the DVD were related to the recording
- contains a 15.734 kHz pilot tone only present in MTS broadcasts exclusive to a selected few countries -- definitely not off of a VHS rip, possible it was recorded with a camcorder
- May be international
- Possibly a commercial jingle and this truly all we've got

Think we could get some Twoism heads bumpin on this one?

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