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I, Arthur Mann, have heard a lot of quality music and songs on this forum. I want to implement a new startup. In short, this is a mixture of a podcast and a horoscope. The point is to read the horoscope in a beautiful female voice to a creative and calm melody. The application and website have already been created. The content is also written. A girl with a beautiful voice passed the casting and was approved. All that remains is to choose an interesting melody for our project. I ask all visitors to this forum to respond and help with choosing a melody. We accept options for both free music and are willing to pay well. Our team has 1 more year left, since the project’s release is scheduled for 2025. For those who are interested in offering us their own melody, you need to read the horoscope 2025 (this is the text that will need to be voiced). This must be done in order to understand and feel what kind of melody is suitable! Budget up to $5,000.Thanks to all!

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