Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) - Pale Blue Dot [2008]

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He did it again :)

Taken from

Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) - Pale Blue Dot - A Tribute To Carl Sagan [2008]
1 Looking Upwards
2 Ascent
3 Leaving Earth
4 Discovery
5 Infinity Alone
6 Passing Time
7 Becoming
8 Floating Vacuum
9 Cold, Agoraphobic
10 Outside
11 Hypoxia
12 These Solemn Stars
13 Looking Into The Past
14 Floating Vacuum II
15 Peace With Darkness
16 A Distant Earthrise
17 Safe Landing
18 Sunrise In Blue Skies

"Benn Jordan delivers an original, beautiful, and flowing full-length ambient album tributing the late scientist/teacher/existentialist Carl Sagan. A tranquil cinematic album that everyone would enjoy."

Just uploading the new album to those who'd like to preview it. If you'd like a physical copy, or even just want to donate to the label/myself, there is a small html file included in the download where you can find my little file-sharing manifesto and some more information.

My one humble request is that you leave in the html file when sharing or reposting this album, so people can find out where to support the artist and label.

Thanks for your interest!

Benn Jordan
Life is a Frequency

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