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[quote name='jbible' date='Oct 13 2008, 10:45 AM' post='850749']

Asymmetrical Head present Redos Vol.2: Feeling Sorry For Inanimate Remixes is a new free release on Experimedia featuring remixes by 15 artists of material from Asymmetrical Heads recent album Feeling Sorry For Inanimate Objects (expcd004).

Remixes by: chengod, yan g, bizzart & big epoch, jeremy bible, chris moss acid, maskine, dreamcrusher, milieu, qorser, max marlow, dane jacobs, niture, five step path, cheonyi, and cubus.

Available from our FREE section.
Quick download exp047mp3.zip
Quick download exp047flac.zip

Experimedia is quickly approaching is 50th free release!!! We will do something special for exp050!!!

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