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Anyone in the SD/LA/SF electronica scenes interested in putting on a redmoon type event, but much in the vein of a somewhat secluded festival...I live out of long beach, and i have been slowly (tho not like 3 years slow) putting together plans for a festival/redmoon type event, up in Big Bear (or SB mtns in general), a beach (if that occured I was planning on building some sort of platform so that the sand doesn't reclaim your equip :) ), or my final offer being that of Joshua Tree or other High desert type places.

I have done numerous parties in an old slated for demo house, and they went off well with 2-3 artists putting on some great shows (artists: Glider, Opilis, Smithson, various solo projects) so I know these have much the potential to be fun (and i mean come on redmoon-type event, though im sure there are some jaded redmoon'ers out there)....

Now i know there are a huge amount of logistics, so the spontaneity of a large event such as this would take a bit to formulate, however I was seeing if people were interested in playing/attending...

Much apologies to the none West Coast CA members of this forum, but I felt it was ample to put this here...

Another set, to the people who may already be organizing, or have organized these in the past...

It would be a great help to gather input from all parties, and of course specifically from the west coast CA groups, as they would be the core of any event such as this...
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