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<center>fans of Christian Fennesz and Tim Hecker should checkout this new album from Californian James Devane.It makes its case belligerently by opening with one of those huge Hecker-esque collapsing-city symphonies, crackling guitars intermeshed with organ drone, feedback whine tangled in gale force electronic winds. That track, “00-08” rumbles on for a good eight minutes, a very good eight minutes if you turn it up till the floorboards shake beneath your feet. The less abrasive moments are reminiscent in mood of Fennesz’s Endless Summer or even Stars of the Lid, guitar ebbing and flowing like waves under your feet, wash trickling up to the sand between your toes. Gorgeous, glitchy grandness. The ambience of this sound-world is enhanced by the use of field recordings, with bird song and random-but-not-random-at-all scrapes and thumps punctuating and perforating the pulchritudinous atmosphere.
The album will be issued in May next year in a physical edition of 50. In the meantime, it’s available to download for nothing from here.
http://www.bremsstrahlung-recordings.or ... ANS013.zip

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