Black Moth Super Rainbow - Denton, TX June 3rd 2009

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This was the fourth time I have seen BMSR and I must start of by saying that their live act gets better and better every single time I have seen them. Last nights show topped all of them. The mix was excellent and each song was pulled of with bubble gum goodness. They have certainly honed their craft and each song translated superbly live. They allowed the songs to breath and not once did they constrict the songs to sound exactly like the album whatsoever. Though the spinning taffy of the analog melodies are pulled of without a hitch they still stretch and bend with character. See pic---> There was not a single moment where I thought, "This sounds too cookie cutter.." as if it was just sampled from the original recordings and looped over live. Some of the songs were almost as if I was hearing them again for the first time. That my friends is impressive. Highlights for me were Melt Me, Sun Lips, Iron Lemonade, Spiracle, Drippy Eye and Catepillar. All of which are favorites of mine to begin with, but live has made fall in love with sun soaked gooey goodness of these tracks. To really top things of they had some amazing video that synced of beautifully to the music. It ranged from the totally bizzare to the down right hilarious and it all just worked so well with what you were hearing.

After the show I was able to get my hands of a set list. Nice little piece to hang in my music room!

Before the show I actually got a chance to talk to Tobacco for a good amount of time. He is the most down to earth and humble artist I have ever met. Not to mention a hell of a lot of fun to talk to. We were exchanging stories of haunted things you pick up from estate sales and old public access tv shows we would watch. It was like talking to a friend I have known for years. He also mentioned some a future project that he is going to start working on real soon or at least I hope. I won't say what it is but let me tell you this...once he gets it going it is really going to be something special.

Wish I could do it all over again. Got Animal Collective tonight too!

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