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Hello. Hoping for some ideas/leads into a song I can’t recall.

The first three seconds this commercial have a similar element (“Sha-da-da!”) the psuedo chanting of the background singers. The lead singer comes in and practically says the lyrics word by word, like “You…are/can…(insert adjective/descriptor). Other elements include a sound that sounds an awful lot like the (wa-wa-waa) from The Good The Bad and the Ugly. Pounding drums, almost marching band like. “You can’t be people…(hummed like, with a rising tone: da da da daa daaa sha da da!).

Its driving me nuts of course. Any help is appreciated!


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Could it be a Lee Hazlewood song? Sounds like it may be based on your description.

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Nick Cave? Your description sounds a bit like Tupelo, but only a bit, something similar of his maybe?

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