Kero Kero Bonita - Time Today (Kiki's Delivery Service AMV)

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Hullo to all happy cyclists celebrating this two day hallucinogenic period! :D

What's this about Orbited? I come today a bit frustrated, part with YouTube for their copyright restrictions, and part with Hayao Miyazaki the mad lad who is a key aspect and film-maker of Studio Ghibli fame. Who can I blame for this thread? Neither!! :lol: Miyazaki has directed some of my absolute favourite anime films, and youtube... well it just comes with the grind.
(But it's when you bring the two forces together where the trouble begins...)

So, I started brainstorming this about a week ago for bicycle day (as you'll see why), playing with songs to see fit and generally having good fun re-watching all the sync ups in separate versions. (Also making the video itself!)

It's intended for my channel, a wee hungry beast where I want to add little crumbs of music and creativity here and there.
Do peruse lol.

Kero Kero Bonita are a British-Japanese dream pop and synthesizer band that I've been getting into recently through their album "Time N' Place" Ehh I actually tried a few from the record as I thought the overall vibe fit snugly, and still this one came out on top. :)

The video is going in an drop box, as it'll be shelved there until I find a way of getting past the copy checks. Any ideas towards future sites to host (or even AMVs themselves), go for it and tell me. I'd be enthralled by any thoughts & comments. It says it on my nametag "happy to help."

Nuff babbling. To the main thing. Have a bit of a 4/20 breeze in your hair on me.
I hope you enjoy! 8)

Kero Kero Bonita - Time Today (Kiki's Delivery Service AMV)
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