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I'm not sure if anyone on this board is familiar with the talk radio host, Nick Abbot, if you are, you'll know what he's all about.

For those who have never heard of him, he does a talk show on a London talk-radio station, LBC 97.3 - he's a funny chap, he doesn't really do serious subjects (although since the station got took over by new owners, they have pushed him to do serious stuff, which isn't really his style) He's sarcastic, and likes to read out the most ridiculous articles in the papers, he uses lots of amusing short voice clips as well.

As for his taste in music, he likes - Beck, Boards of Canada, Blue States, Danny Rampling (Turntable Symphony), Damien Rice, Doves, FC Kahuna, Fru Fru, Gold Rush, Jori Hulkkonen, Lemon Jelly, Little Death Orchestra, My Computer, Nada Surf, Polyphonic Spree, Queens of the Stone Age, Royksopp, Slovo, Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Flaming Lips, The Free French, The Hundered Reasons, The Music, The Reindeer Section, The Storming, Underworld, Zigger Ross

Check him out, and he'll have you laughing in no time - On air weeknights 7.15pm - 10.00pm (UK time) available to listen to online via, you can also download some old shows of his, off some fan related sites.


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