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one of the nicest blokes in hip hop, no doubt about it ... his enthusiasm should be bottled, always got time for a chat with the Buddmesiter


an interview that revolves around his incredible Wolf Diesel Mountain mix CD

he has a two part track on this and a remix on the next Myuzyk download release

"This is the best mix I have heard for a long time, F*&king inspired stuff…get a copy now!!!!" - ATM

"Mix of the year so far, and I don’t fancy the chances of it being beaten." - 3 Bar Fire

"Perhaps the first essential future classic mix of the 21st century, absolutely essential to anyone interested in hip hop and indeed, in music." - (5/5) Bbarak Magazine

"The undisputed current master of this mixtape shit." - Word

"My album of the year so far." - (4.5/5) Sputnik Music

"This is a truly excellent mix and should be grabbed." - Wedont

“Wolf Diesel Mountain is simply a masterpiece of eclecticism, sewn together by dead man's drums. It stomps across genres picking out all the best music you were too stupid to buy, gives you a little taste and, before you know what's happened, it barrels off in a different direction. A triumph, and a lesson in how life affirming mixtapes can be - all hail Buddy Peace” - Bracken (Anticon)

“Wolf Diesel Mountain plays like a documentary with no picture. Put your headphones on and listen as Buddy's cast of heroes, villains, and weirdoes take you on an entertaining journey” - Controller7 (Bully Records)

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