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They're a series of books that put a microscope on one specific record at a time in an almost academic fashion. I've heard about them for years, but just started reading my first one today and have have already screamed in ecstasy about 5 times over its evisceration of the critic & marketing obsession with defining Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 as ~*beatless*~

Anyone else read these? I'm diving into NIN's Pretty Hate Machine and Bjork's Homogenic after this. Also interested in how the authors look at Tori Amos' Boys for Pele and DJ Shadow's Endroducing.

I'm a sucker for essays, articles, and books that take a close, hard look at a piece of art and there's not nearly enough on music...Glad this series exists.

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I think they vary greatly in quality. I've heard people recommend certain ones highly and been warned to stay away from others. The only one I've read was Master of Reality, which is one of if not my favorite Black Sabbath LP. I was expecting it would be a really great in depth review of the album and chock full of info about how it was made, ect., but instead it was just the author's experience of hearing it for the first time and how it fit into his life. It was more about the writer than the album. Not what I was looking for. I should check out some of the other ones, but next time I'll read reviews first.

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Yeah I've got a bunch of these. SAW II, Endtroducing, Doolittle, OK Computer, Loveless, Chocolate and Cheese, Low (Bowie) and Kid A. All brilliant books in their own ways.

Someone should definitely pitch a MHTRTC edition!

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