Sample found:"It must be a message" from A:B::B:C

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It's actually for both "It must be a message" and "look up there". It actually says: "It must be a musical computer", found it on the first track of Colby's Make a Joyful Noise, from which they already sampled the song "Bless the lord".

Here's the video, go to 1:50

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I think you are certainly on to something there :mrgreen:
I can't identify the particular phrase you are referencing, I should go over it in detail to find which part you are referring to, but the robotic voice samples that occupy a lot of the last portion of the track (A is to B...), mixed heavily with the others, is almost certainly Colby and taken from a point in this record in which he speaks.

I still really enjoy listening to 'Bless the Lord' once in a while. It is very serene.

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Sounds right to me. Very impressive.
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Yeah I hear the sample repeating at 1:00 in ABBC

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