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As my computers possibly die for good and I may need to type most of my novel again, I thought I'd ask those authors around here what in their minds they've taken time to jot down.
mechanismj wrote:'Round these parts they would tend to be meatheads and jocks. Never could figure that out.

Okay...now...wait for fog machine.

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New Seed
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At the moment I'm working on two short stories... One a solipsistic nightmare that I can't really talk about without spoiling, and one with a guy in world war ii who's really good at impressions who kills his commander in a friendly fire incident and has to pretend to be him over the radio.

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Two novels. One sci fi story about people living after the environmental collapse and how they interact with the structures that claim to be there to protect them. The other is a story following a woman with mental health issues trying to find her way through shifting seasons as people drift in and out of her life.

Both taking a long ass time to write as I realise I don't read near enough to make it come easy, but if I have to labour, I'll labour.

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