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How's it going folks? Good news, finally a new Retronym release! And I'm pleased to announce its a record of my own. I've put it on Bandcamp for now, it will hit the Retronym website post haste with an exclusive bonus track, as soon as I get my webspace fully back upto speed (previous releases are being uploaded bit by bit).

Anyway I hope you enjoy, track 6 features my sister on vox and is remixed by Cilocub. He did it for me many moons ago and I'm chuffed to finally use it for something cohesive. Just some nice electronic music I've thoroughly enjoyed making over the past few years. I recommend starting from track 1, I put a lot of thought into the layout of the whole piece and I hope some of you dig it. Its on a name your price but you're more than welcome to put a zero in there!


"Laic Indelica is a culmination of sounds produced by Manchester based artist Liam Fairclough. Starting in 2015, Liam established the Aniso Tropics moniker and commenced late night Youtube binges and peculiar vinyl sifting in the search for sample oddities and spaced out textures with the intent to layer up and filter down.

Welcome 2019, and finally the debut slab of sounds are here. With a long hiatus of activity in Liam's record label Retronym, and only intermittent production time due to life and stuff, it comes as a great pleasure and joy to both finally put something concise out there as an artist, and to add a new catalog number alongside the much revered Retronym crew.

Tracks 1,2,3,4,5 & 7 produced solely by Liam using minimal equipment - MicroKorg, laptop, UA-25 soundcard, AT turntable, Boss Distortion Pedal, Ableton, Samson mic.

Track 6 features Liam's sister Lou Fairclough on vocals, and is a flip of an old prototype Aniso track - reworked by the superb Cilocub, aka fellow Mancunian Simon Cookson. Please check out his work at

Cover art by Liam Fairclough."
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I'll be sure and check it out!

For those of you newer to Twoism, I'd strongly suggest checking out Retronym's back catalogue too.

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